Time to take things slower


Most often with I purchase fabric for myself I have a project in mind.  However recently I saw a new line of fabric that I knew I just had to have.  I had no purpose in mind as to what to do with it but knew that I had to have it.  Without giving much thought about it I purchased it and patiently waiting for it to arrive.  All through the week I wondered just what I could create but nothing came to mind.  I wanted make just the right thing.  However what just was the right thing I had no idea. I kept pushing myself to decide and commit to something to create but the ideas just did not come.  The fabric came and I quickly came up with something, cutting the fabric out then realizing the choice I made was the wrong choice.  I did not have enough fabric to complete the outfit nor was there any of the same fabric available now.  The fabric was in quite a few pieces ready to make the item and now this beautiful fabric that I loved so much is unusable.  I was in such a rush to use it that I did not think things out properly and now it is of no use.

I think in many ways this experience is just like we are in life trying to push ourselves to make a quick decision and not completely thinking it through.  At times things will work out anyway but there are many times it does not and twice as much has to be redone and or waste time and money due to rushing to get it done.   Later realizing the decision was not well thought out.  Often many times things are left in a mess.

Until next time…



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