It’s in the details

fast food 4

Today in our generation the pace of life is so fast. If you want dinner- open a box of instant food  and microwave it.  Maybe you need it quicker, if so go to a fast food restaurant.  Go through a drive through and eat it in the car on the way  to where you need to go.   The dinner is sub par at best and the nutrition is minimal at best.

Need a new outfit go to the local shop and buy a quick outfit- you might have to alter it to make it fit the best or resew or tighten up the buttons so they do not fall off the first time you wear it but you do have something quick to wear when you need it

This is just 2 examples of what I feel is the instant generation.  We are not patient, we want it now!

What ever happened to the days where we cared about the quality of things.  Uncompromising  attention to details seem to be a thing of the past.  No more do we put time and detail into most things.

The one area that still has uncompromising attention to detail is in quilt making.

teepee quilt cropped                                              quilt image

Hours and hours spent cutting fabric making sure it is cut precisely and then sewn a quarter inch seam, a square at a time and ensure the seams are exact then pressed to keep the lines crisp and clean.  Quilts can take months and sometimes years to complete but when it is finally done the detail in the work is unmatchable.  The art of quilting  has been in our history for hundreds of years and although there are so many things that have become “instant” in our lives it seems that in one area that has stood the test of time is the art of quilting

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