More than just a name on the family tree
family tree image 3

Every generation becomes a new branch of the family tree. ………

I remember looking at our family tree which consisted of names from each side of the family but nothing more about about them except names.

I often wished I knew more about the people that I was related to.

Was it possible that one or more of them on the family tree branch possess the same interest or skill as I do?

Is there anything more than just a name that connects us ?  How special it would  have been to look at your family from the past on the tree to find that your grandmother, great grandmother and others possess that same interests as you now.

I do have memories of my paternal grandmother of her love for sewing, especially quilting.  My grandmother had 6 children and so many grandchildren.  It was her tradition of making quilts for all the grandchildren.  Did this tradition start  before her by her mother?   I am not sure.  I don’t even know if she made one for me and if so whatever happened to it.  By the time my second daughter was born my grandmother was in her late 80’s and mostly blind yet she still made the effort to make my daughter a quilt.  It was not her best work, obviously due to her limitations but the love and effort she made to give her granddaughter a keepsake has so much more meaning to me.  The quilt was much loved and tattered from overuse over the years  but the memories of that one generous loving act has and always stay with me.

Until next time…..

Patti branch


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