A typical day


A typical day for us has changed a great deal in the last year and a half.  Why?  We had the daughter and granddaughter move in from Nevada to help them get on their feet.  We thought initially it would take a year and although they have made great progress it will most likely be quite awhile longer before we are empty nesters again.

We had to do quite a few things to make room for them to make it comfortable.  Our office has now been moved out of the office space and into a bedroom.  The fabric and button supplies have been combined into one space (fortunately the space is quite large  but when one is used to 4 rooms of space it was quite an adjustment).

We had to learn to be much more efficient in space usage but is has worked out just fine.

Would we do this again?  Absolutely!  Has it been easy, no, not at times but it certainly has been a rewarding experience and great getting to know our granddaughter so much better and being an integral  part of her life in such a deep way.

I think at times you need to have things shaken up a bit so that you can learn and experience things in a different way and  then your untypical day becomes your new typical day until the next shake up.

IMG_1866 our granddaughter

Until…Next time.


Patti and Joe

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