Is our solid flannel fabric really all that different from box stores?


via Daily Prompt: Fabric

People often ask us if our flannel fabric is the same as all the local stores and the answer is a big NO.  There is nothing wrong with getting your fabric at the box stores it is affordable and usually have a variety of colors.  For many projects it works just fine.  It is however much thinner and weave is looser.

MDG Flannel Collage 1800x1800                                                       Button Layout Flannel 1


Our solid flannel fabric is a premium quality for a value price.  Our flannel is a premium grade double napped fabric that is air jet loomed for a nice tight weave and is yarn dyed for ric consistent color.  It is ever so soft.  We have 33 colors to choose from.



This flannel is a great seller for us with so many return customers.  Once you try this quality of flannel you will only want to use this one.  We also provide samples upon request.

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